About Us

R.K. Group of Institution (RKGI) is young & vibrant institute provide quality education in the field of Law, Nursing, Paramedical, Technical under graduate & higher courses. RKGI was established in 2006. Knowledge at this institute is neither a fashion statements. Our institutions is fully committed to the course of promoting young talents from rural and urban areas of ALLAHABAD, CHITRAKOOT& other parts of State/Country. It is hoped that students would adequately benefit from the opportunity of professional, technical & conventional courses at their door and will get employment to live on honorable life and contribute to the progress of our nation. One of the features of the institute is to provide best atmosphere for learning. For us “Quality is tradition” we encourage our teachers to develop their skills & nature the pursuit of professional excellence. Authorities of institutions/colleges and faculties are putting in hard work with utmost dedication to raise the standards of teaching and research method the standards of education with the world class Institutions Besides existing courses, Institutions has plans to introduce some innovative courses enabling students to find suitable employment or set-up their own enterprises with the use of their training & skill RKGI believes in overall values such as self discipline, self evaluation and the acceptance of responsibility for themselves and for others through providing an atmosphere that encourage leadership and service to others as well as personal initiative, team work and co-operation. The institute also offer career guidance and information to all the students on successful completion of the chosen study programme.